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This section describes computer software developed in the lab for data analysis and simulation. Various programs are available for free download or online use.
The programs are compatible only with the Windows operating system (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or older versions back to Windows 95).

All programs were written in Visual Basic and compiled into executable files. Click on the Visual Basic logo if you would like to know more about it. Such knowledge is not required for the use of the programs.

To speed up download, and to package together auxiliary files, all programs are in zip files. You must unzip them before using them. If you don't have an unzipping program, you may download PKZip from PKWare's web site. Click on the logo.

Attention: These programs require the support file msvbvm50.dll. If you do not have this file in your System folder, you must add it. Just click on the Microsoft logo to download a zip file containing msvbvm50.dll.

To download a program, just click on its icon.
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Plot: a program to quickly look at data as either Car- tesian plots or actograms.
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Acro: a program to calculate the acrophase (time of peak) of circadian rhythms through a fitted cosine wave.
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Cosinor: a program to calculate circadian period (plus mean, amplitude and acrophase) by the cosinor method.
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Tau: a program to calculate circadian period by the chi-square periodogram procedure.
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LSP: a program to calculate circadian period by the Lomb-Scargle periodogram procedure.
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Model: a computer model of the mammalian circadian pacemaker.
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PRC: a compilation of phase-response curves for re- setting of the circadian system by various stimuli.
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Jet-lag: a program to help you minimize jet-lag when planning a trip.
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Entrain: a short tutorial on the entrainment of circadian rhythms.
Two programs, one to determine the period of circadian rhythms and one to plot actograms, can be used on-line on this web site.
These two programs will run only in browsers that recognize VBScript and ActiveX components (that is, they will run only in the old Internet Explorer browser).

The program that uses VBScript (the perio- dogram program) can be accessed immediately. The program that uses an ActiveX module (the actogram plotter) requires a few additional steps the first time you use it. Your browser must be previously set to allow downloads, and you will most likely be asked to confirm that you accept the download. This step is imposed by your browser for security reasons (that is, to prevent unauthorized download of programs that may harm your computer). After you accept the download, everything should proceed smoothly. If you visit this web site again in the future (using the same computer that you are using now), you will not have to download the module again.


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VBScript available:

To run a program, just click on its icon.
Periodogram (VBScript): calculates cir-
cadian period by chi-square periodogram.
Actogram Plotter (ActiveX): plots acto-
grams using your own data files.

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For more information about data analysis procedures in circadian physiology, visit the Research section of this web site.

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