This section contains an on-line program to plot actograms using data files uploaded from your computer.
Instructions to Use the Program
This procedure works only in Internet Explorer. Please follow the directions provided below. Actograms are plotted on the screen and can be saved to disk for printing or editing. You may also visit the Software section for more programs.
This page works properly only if you consent to download the ActiveX module, as directed by your browser [Help]. If you have used this program previously, the browser will not query you again.

  If Internet Explorer does not load the ActiveX module and does
  not even ask you whether you wish to download it, you will need
  to correct the settings. In the menu bar, choose Tools, then
  Internet Options. Next, click on the Security tab (or Advanced
  tab in older versions) and locate the appropriate check boxes
  in Custom Level. You need to instruct Internet Explorer to
  accept the download of the ActiveX control. You will then need
  to reload (refresh) the page to invoke the download. If it still
  doesn't work, try clicking on the place holder for the ActiveX
  module to invoke the download.

  Close this window
Your browser properly set up to run the program.

If running the program here is inconvenient, you may download a Windows version of the program. Right-click here to download a zip file containing the
actogram plotter and the run-time support file. When you unzip the programs, you may place the support file in the same folder as the actogram program.

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